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How DemystData Uses Automated Machine Learning to Empower Their Data Scientists

As automated machine learning tools hit the mainstream, data scientists have become concerned about how platforms like DataRobot will affect their job status. Specifically, will automated machine learning replace data scientists altogether?

Jason Mintz, VP of Product at DemystData, spoke at AI Experience in Boston and explained exactly how working with DataRobot has empowered data scientists at DemystData while engaging the entire company with the data science process, regardless of their background.

Added Functionality for Alteryx + Snowflake Users

With the release of Alteryx Analytics 2018.2, we continue to help enterprises uncover hidden analytic possibilities and centralize the discovery of all their data sources.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “Yes, but what does that mean? And more importantly, what does it mean in relation to my use of Alteryx with Snowflake?” Well, let’s find out! This release builds upon our previously announced functionality for Alteryx and Snowflake with the debut of a bulk data connector and metadata loader for Snowflake.

Data Literacy: The Results Are In

In this blog, we have had a great chance to explore the definition of what data literacy is and discuss the culture around data literacy. It is one thing for us to continually write about it and define it, and it is another for us to jump into some numbers and see what others are saying about data literacy and what it does for them in their workforce and careers.

AI Experience New York: Highlights from Credit Suisse and JPMorgan Chase

AI has emerged as a fundamental technology for the banking and financial services industries, with best-in-class organizations recognizing its vital importance to their success. Over 300 executives, analysts, and data scientists packed the ballroom at the Conrad New York on Wednesday, June 20 to learn firsthand just how to become an AI-driven enterprise, and why that evolution is so critical, particularly in these industries.

Introducing Alteryx Analytics 2018.2 – Meet Analytics at Scale

Today, I had the great privilege of taking the stage at the most exciting and unconventional analytic event in the industry, Alteryx Inspire 2018. And once again, I was awed and humbled by the passion and creativity of our customers. It is this enthusiasm that energizes and fuels our product management and engineering teams to continuously push the boundaries of what’s technically possible in the development of the Alteryx platform.

Are you using data as a competitive weapon?

Data is a company’s most powerful, yet most underutilized and poorly managed asset. Companies that strive to get ahead of the pack in today’s world need to capture, create, and leverage value from their data by making data-driven decisions with it.

Using AI to Optimize Your Google AdWord Bidding

Digital advertising is no passing trend. According to a recent study by professional services firm PwC, companies spent over $20 billion on internet advertising in each of the first two quarters of 2017 — a dramatic increase from the first half of 2016.

In my experience, most companies lack an accurate way to estimate their marketing attribution per keyword.