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Vector and Raster: A Tale of Two Spatial Data Types

In the world of spatial analysis, there are two major varieties of data: vector and raster. The divide between these two data types and the people that use them has raged on for decades.

Although it is true that vector and raster data are both ways of representing spatial data, and most data can be represented as either vector or raster, the data types are very different, and each one can shine brighter than the other for different use cases and data sets.

Are You Passionate for Alteryx?

If you are proud and passionate about your Alteryx experience, why not advocate?  There are many benefits to advocacy that you may not have considered.  Here are just a few:

Building your personal brand. Advocacy allows you to promote your innovative and forward-thinking approaches to problem solving.


Below is an example of using the 'REST' connector.

We need to load data from an online data source, we have a URL to connect to the data that contains the ID of each one of the elements that we would like to load into our app.

We have a list of 100 alphanumeric elementIDs and we need to make sure we load them all.

Seeing is Believing with Alteryx Visualytics Interactive Chart tool

What can I do with Interactive Charts?
With the new Interactive Chart tool you can effectively communicate your analysis to people of all levels in your organization by creating visually appealing and easy to comprehend charts.  The resulting charts can be output to interactive formats such as embedding or viewing in an HTML site, viewing through the Alteryx Server or with interactive dashboards via the Insight tool.

What is your Data EQ?

Soft skills are a necessity when it comes to data-informed decision making


There is a common misconception about data-informed decision making. It goes that once we implement the right tools, and figure out how to analyze the data correctly, the data will automatically turn into insights and will translate to better business decisions.

Alteryx Has Been Recognised as the ‘2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice’

We are excited to announce that with partnership with Alteryx, Alteryx has been recognized as the 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms. We take great pride to achieve this distinction as something we refer to as the “court of customer opinion” as customer feedback truly shapes our product strategy and future enhancements.