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Auto Documentation

This article is by KatieH and originally appeared on the Alteryx Engine Works Blog here:


We are excited to share with you all today, project AAD (Automated Alteryx Documentor). This customer-led initiative starts here, with a beta version of this customer-created Alteryx app.

AI Simplified: Rookie Mistakes

John Boersma, Director of Education at DataRobot, shares his list of the top three rookie mistakes in machine learning for our AI Simplified series.

These are the key mistakes John highlights:

Not understanding your data: If you don’t understand your data, you’ll overlook missing data values and inconsistencies in data formats.

How to Enrich Your Geographical Trade Areas with Demographic Information Using Alteryx

This article is by Sydney Firmin and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here:


In order to maximise the accuracy of our outputs, we should look to obtain demographic information at the lowest level of detail we can find, and, the newest information we can find.

The Now & Today Functions

The Now and Today functions can be used in a chart expression or in the script to return a timestamp or current date from the system clock, respectively.  They each take one optional parameter (0, 1 or 2) that is used to indicate when the timestamp or day is captured.