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Qlik (Attunity) Recognized Again in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration

This article is by Dan Potter and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here:


The Gartner MQ is a really useful publication for helping to frame the data integration market at a high level and understand who are the vendors that are shaping and driving the market.

The Journey to Intelligent Automation with RPA & DataRobot

This article is by Andrew Pellegrino and originally appeared on the DataRobot Blog here:

Background on Robotic Process Automation

The term “robotic process automation” (RPA) emerged as a marketing term around 2010. RPA focuses on the user interface (UI) levels of applications to automate processes and is highly dependent on both screen scraping and workflow automation.

Expand Your Predictive Palette II: Beyond K-Means

This article is by Timothy Lam and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here:

After enriching our supervised learning palette, folks asked: How about an unsupervised technique like clustering or dimension reduction?

Indeed, a common data science statistic is that 80% of our work is data preparation; one of our common tasks is to group the data points into various clusters with similar properties and characteristics.

It is Time to Embrace Data-Informed Decision Making

This article is by Kevin Hanegan and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here:


Organizations face many potential issues when trying to make decisions. Those issues are more frequent and have more negative impacts if the organization is not data literate and if they have not adopted a data-informed decision making process and culture.

Presto, will it Alteryx?

This article is by David Hare and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here:

I'll start this series with Presto, a technology that many customers have been asking about recently.

The Hole Story and Bias in AI

This article is by Elif Tutuk and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here:

Bias in AI
According to a new research commissioned by Qlik, surveying over 2,000 UK citizens, there is a shift in the ‘AI debate’ away from just fears over job loss, to a fresh debate over the role of humans in AI programming, the potential for bias and where accountability should lie for alleviating that bias.