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Bring Your Insights to Life With Alteryx Visualytics

What can I do with the Insight Tool?
With the new Insight tool you can build and combine multiple interactive charts so your stakeholders can investigate and focus on what is important to them.  The Insight Tool leverages our new chart capabilities, so you can easily customize your charts, adding a drill down to each so when you drill down into one chart it reflects across all other charts.

What Does It Mean To Be An Extension?

Throughout 2018, we have evolved our strategy and capabilities around extensions. Qlik's open platform has always allowed developers to build new functionality that takes advantage of our engine and extends the capabilities of our analytics products. Historically, extensions were typically created by third parties and largely unsupported.

Four Keys to Avoiding Bias in AI

“It’s important that we be transparent about the training data that we are using, and are looking for hidden biases in it, otherwise we are building biased systems. If someone is trying to sell you a black box system for medical decision support, and you don’t know how it works or what data was used to train it, then I wouldn’t trust it.

What’s New in Alteryx 2018.4?


Modern end-to-end analytics platform looks as powerful as it feels for those heart-pounding, fist-pumping moments of insight

Aesthetically pleasing modern look
Easier to use with key navigation buttons closer to where you’re working
Immediately see vital diagnostic and usage information with Server Admin dashboards


Across the globe and the analytics journey, you can experience the thrill of solving in more languages

Prep, blend, analyze and model data to your heart's content with Designer available in Portuguese and Spanish
More robust website support in French and German
Expand your data analytic capabilities with your colleagues with a beta French Community site


It’s easier to access more data at every point in the analytics journey to make those critical data-driven decisions

Power up your first mile of analytics in Connect with PostgreSQL metadata loader
Write conditional update & delete statements in the Write In-DB tool
Bring in your Python Jupyter notebooks to leverage existing models & code
Accelerate deployments of your predictive models with Promote - importing custom R and Python packages from private remote repositories

For more information, visit https://www.

How Business Analysts Are Conquering Machine Learning

Most business analysts don’t have the time or resources to develop traditional data science expertise – which is where automated machine learning technology comes in.

The dire shortage of traditionally trained data scientists has lead to an emerging opportunity for business analysts to advance their analytical careers by transitioning into Citizen Data Scientist roles in which they combine their unique business knowledge with AI technologies.