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Extending Alteryx: The Python SDK Arrives

The Python SDK is now out of Beta and ready for general usage!
What Does This Mean?
Prior to this launch, Alteryx users and partners had multiple options for creating custom functionality for use within the Alteryx platform. For the application of building custom tools, there are multiple options for building the engine, or runtime, of the tool.

DataRobot Honored Twice by Datanami’s 2018 Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

At the Strata Data Conference, Datanami announced the winners of its inaugural Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards to recognize the best and the brightest developments that happened in big data in 2018. These awards, which were nominated and voted on by the big data community, shine a spotlight on technological breakthroughs, and capture a critical cross section of the state of the industry.

Guardians of the Data Privacy Galaxy

When we give our personal data over to any organisation we want to know it's in safe hands. So how can organisations become better guardians of the personal data they hold, in what seems like a galaxy of data privacy rules and regulations?

Here are the 5 ways to become a better data custodian under GDPR:

1. Build a Data Culture

Do you truly understand the personal data that sits within your organisation? It is paramount that all staff, from board level to juniors, understand the implications it has on them.