Thrive in an expanding digital world by leverage information to your competitive advantage

Media and Entertainment

Use your valuable media assets to capitalize business opportunities. Gain holistic business visibility across all channels. Improve revenue and customer loyalty. Increase customer lifetime value and preserve margin. Grow your competitive advantage in TV, mobile, internet and print.


Create a competitive advantage with compelling customer experience analytics. Extend customer lifetime value. Use agile analytics to quickly adapt to changing market demands. Transform key business processes, coordinate marketing, deliver convergent services, up sell, cross sell and enhance customer relationships.


Demo: Customer Experience Analytics

This demo combines a wide range of customer experience metrics with compelling visualizations so each department can view their impact on a specific customer experience.



Demo: Telecom Customer Retention

This demo investigates customer interactions and journeys as a sequence of events. The demo culminates in customer churn to highlight improvement areas, reduce churn and increase retention.