Life Sciences

Transform processes, improve financial performance, and simplify regulatory compliance

Analytics for life sciences

Make better business and clinical decisions faster. Shorten discovery-to-commercialization product cycles. Improve physician feedback to manufacturers. Reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance.

Partner for innovation and growth

Effectively manage increasingly complex partnerships. Get insight into volumes of data. Ensure sustainable growth over years by building close collaborations.


Connect your entire organization

Operate within narrowly defined processes. Manage rising costs, aging populations, and changing regulatory demands. Keep pace with a dynamically changing field while responding quickly to operational challenges.


Demo: Pharmaceutical R&D Pipeline Analysis

The Pharmaceutical R&D Pipeline Analysis application takes public R&D pipeline data provided by various pharmaceutical companies and brings it together into a QlikView application to create a compelling and informative overview of the pipeline structure as of January 2011.



Demo: Rx Sales

This Rx Sales demo measures and monitors the performance of a UK pharmaceutical sales representative. Use this application to analyze sales territories and understand factors affecting performance outcomes.