Data analytics platform from Qlik helps Optical 88 meet market demands across 200 branches

January 31st, 2018

“Times are changing in retail. To keep up with customer demand, we not only have to collect, analyse and organise retail data quickly, but we also have to use the data to understand customer trends and drive product innovation.” expressed by Canyo Ho, Group Brand Director, Optical 88.

“We needed a solution that could, without the need to rely on the IT department, allow our staff to conduct analysis on the data at any time,” explains Canyo Ho, Group Brand Director at Optical 88. ”The solution needed to support mobile devices, so that data and reports can be accessed anytime and anywhere across our branches.”

The ability to search and analyze data is important, in order to empower staff to discover their own insights, eventually helping them to formulate business and product development strategies. For example, progressive lens specialists can explore data around a product’s market scale, trends, and customer needs.

Optical 88's group brand department started searching for a new solution. Through online research and recommendation, the company contacted Qlik’s partner, Velocity Business Solutions, to learn about Qlik Sense. It decided to adopt the solution as Qlik Sense not only meets retail market demands,  Qlik also has an established client base in the retail and food and beverage industries.

Following communication between the brand team, executives, IT, finance and operations departments, a process was established to identify and collect data from different pathways using Qlik Sense. Optical 88 began by implementing the solution in the marketing and product development departments for a selected group of users to start with.

The implementation process was supported by Velocity’s consultants, whose expertise helped to align and bring data together into a set of analyzes that could handle any inquiries and requests. “The consultants were professional, patiently answering any questions and they have ensured Optical 88 management are confident in their use of Qlik Sense,” explains by Canyo.

Since its implementation in September, the company has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from staff about how the solution has increased work efficiency. “It’s difficult to evaluate the impact that Qlik Sense has had in terms of ROI, but the delightful comments from our staff about the new data insights they now have and how the data collection process has been shortened, have well proven the solution’s high value,” concludes Canyo.

Optical 88 will continuously expand the use of the solution across the business functions enabling access for its staff. Meanwhile, the company has also recommended Qlik Sense to other companies within the Stelux Group.

“Our deep experience of implementing data analytics solutions on the Qlik Sense platform meant we could help Optical 88 deploy the solution in the most effective and timely manner. Existing ways of analyzing data left Optical 88 users dissatisfied with the level of available information detail. Qlik Sense has enabled Optical 88 to analyze their data the way the users choose to see it without constraints of pre-defined paths of navigation. Optical 88 can now perform analysis of data at a very granular level, enabling them to take actionable insights to positively impact their business performance.” expressed by Ian Whitehouse, Director, Velocity Business Solutions

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