Stratasys Generates Big Time Savings by Automating Repetitive Reporting

February 13th, 2018

As the 3D printing industry boomed, business challenges for Stratasys grew from multiple angles. The market had become more saturated and the demand for impactful analytics increased, but data was scattered across different departments and routine processes were stacked up.

"We started looking at the advanced analytics capabilities of the Alteryx platform, and we realized this was the solution we needed." Jason Cheung,Customer Advocacy Business Analytics Team Leader of Stratasys.

Prior to implementing Alteryx, Cheung had to come in at 7 a.m. every Monday to run a weekly booking report, a process that took hours. With Alteryx that task has been automated to run in just 30 minutes.

After implementing Alteryx, they could not only trend a full three to four years of data, but Cheung was then also able to load and cleanse data from their various channel partners regardless of formats. He says, "Instead of needing to manually format every time, now Alteryx does all the work for me with just one click."

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