Alteryx Promote Is Now Generally Available

March 20th, 2018

Alteryx Promote extends the Alteryx Platform to deliver that “Last Mile” in the analytics process — making analytics actionable. In most organisations today there is a real disconnect between data science teams and developers or software engineers. Rewriting an optimised statistical model takes significant amounts of time, is very expensive and error prone, and in some cases reduce the models effectiveness. This causes massive delays in the model deployment process and it can take around 6 to 9 months.  By the time this model gets into production, its outdated and even potentially harmful to the business.

That’s why we have built Alteryx Promote: to streamline this process.  Building predictive models is hard work. Deploying them shouldn’t be. Alteryx Promote allows data scientists and analytics teams to build, manage and deploy predictive models to production faster — and more reliably — without writing any custom deployment code.

Alteryx Promote allows you to seamlessly deploy and send data for predictions to a predictive model in a code-free workflow environment or in a code-friendly environment. It takes the already powerful drag-and-drop workflow interface of Alteryx Designer and provides a new Deploy Tool that lets users easily deploy a model built in Alteryx directly into Alteryx Promote.  Data scientists using R or Python can also deploy custom-built models to Promote and easily make them accessible to analysts and web developers.

The REST API from Alteryx Promote gives engineers and developers the necessary code they need to embed models into real-time applications using the programming language of their choice — such as Java, PHP, .Net.  Models can even be embedded into internal systems such as Salesforce.

The key to model deployment is to make sure that the best model is being deployed. Alteryx Designer gives users the ability to build, run and compare models prior to deploying to Alteryx Promote where they can be managed from development, to staging for internal peer review, and finally deployed to production. In addition, version control and tracking within Promote helps to facilitate organized collaboration ensuring that most recent model is being used.

Finally, in addition to model deployment Alteryx Promote provides both system-level monitoring of model-hosting infrastructure and high-availability functionality, helping organizations to monitor their infrastructure, and have confidence that their models are always up and ready to service requests for predictions in real-time.

Do you want to see what Alteryx Promote is all about? Watch the short video below to see it in action!

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