DataRobot announced to be AWS Machine Learning Partner

March 8th, 2018

Recently, DataRobot achieved AWS Machine Learning Competency Status and announced its approval as an AWS Machine Learning Partner. Now, with DataRobot on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can apply all the benefits of the cloud to your machine learning initiatives.

There are huge benefits to utilizing all that AWS has to offer, including the ability to increase the speed of data analytics processing, access to instant storage for rapidly increasing volumes of data, and the reduction of vulnerability that can result from manual data storage and implementation. In addition, DataRobot works with AWS SageMaker: users can optimize and fine-tune the models they’ve built in SageMaker, as well as rapidly train and test hundreds of models in DataRobot so they can deploy and share the best and most accurate model.

Amazon AWS has been a pioneer in democratizing cloud services, and DataRobot on AWS is leading the charge to democratize data science.

But best of all, DataRobot on AWS allows organizations of any size to rapidly get up and running with automated machine learning. By making it available where you need it, when you need it, and at the scale you need, DataRobot on AWS allows you to make highly accurate predictions that will have tangible impacts on your ROI in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional machine learning methods and on-premise installations.

Deploying DataRobot via AWS gives organizations a flexible, cost-effective way to:

  • Get access to a secure, highly scalable, on-demand environment for machine learning
  • Easily access data already on the cloud for use in predictive models
  • Rapidly build predictive models using automated machine learning
  • Reduce time-to-value of machine learning initiatives
  • Quickly develop, tune, and validate highly scalable, accurate, enterprise-grade solutions to real world business problems
  • Implement a custom, cost-effective package based on unique needs
  • Easily deploy predictive models right from the cloud into production systems with AWS Quick Starts, or Jumpstart consulting offers from the Amazon Partner Network (APN)
  • Ramp up data science efforts over time with the resources on hand

Amazon AWS has been a pioneer in democratizing cloud services, and DataRobot on AWS is leading the charge to democratize data science. All organizations, regardless of size or resources, can use DataRobot on AWS to make anyone with intimate knowledge of their business and its data capable of making faster, more accurate predictions at scale. DataRobot on AWS is the most efficient way to get up and running with machine learning and kickstart your organization’s transformation into an AI-driven enterprise.

For more information – or if you’re ready to start a Proof of Concept – check out the DataRobot/AWS Solution Space or download the DataRobot/Amazon Solution Brief.