Added Functionality for Alteryx + Snowflake Users

July 19th, 2018

With the release of Alteryx Analytics 2018.2, we continue to help enterprises uncover hidden analytic possibilities and centralize the discovery of all their data sources. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Yes, but what does that mean? And more importantly, what does it mean in relation to my use of Alteryx with Snowflake?” Well, let’s find out! This release builds upon our previously announced functionality for Alteryx and Snowflake with the debut of a bulk data connector and metadata loader for Snowflake.


New Snowflake Bulk Loader for Alteryx Designer

With the 2018.2 release, we’ve introduced the ability to bulk load data into Snowflake. Why is this exciting? Because it means your workflows will run even faster than they do now when writing data from Alteryx into Snowflake! Instead of writing data row by row, we’re now moving data to Snowflake in chunks, greatly increasing performance.


This functionality can be accessed in two ways. The first is via the Output Tool in Alteryx Designer. There is now an explicit option to choose “Snowflake Bulk Loader” when connecting to the Output Tool:




The second place to access the Snowflake Bulk Load functionality is In-DB. Now, not only can you increase the performance of your workflows by using In-DB tools, you can also utilize the new Snowflake bulk load functionality to increase performance even more. This option can be accessed via the Write tab of your Connect In-DB configuration:




New Snowflake Metadata Loader for Alteryx Connect

We’ve also added a Snowflake Metadata Loader with 2018.2. Now you can harvest your Snowflake instance and populate Alteryx Connect with information about your Snowflake tables, views, procedures and columns – making it easy for data users to search and find analytic assets by name, description or tags. Once you find what you need, easily review details and annotations or comments from others in the organization for tribal knowledge that may otherwise go un-leveraged. Even better, the harvesting of metadata from Snowflake can be scheduled, so users always have up-to-date documentation of their Snowflake instance for use in their analytics process.



Next Steps

Experience the latest Alteryx + Snowflake buzz for yourself when you download Alteryx 2018.2. Existing customers can upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx, or if you are not a customer yet, you can get started by downloading our 14-day free trial.