How DemystData Uses Automated Machine Learning to Empower Their Data Scientists

July 24th, 2018

As automated machine learning tools hit the mainstream, data scientists have become concerned about how platforms like DataRobot will affect their job status. Specifically, will automated machine learning replace data scientists altogether?

Jason Mintz, VP of Product at DemystData, spoke at AI Experience in Boston and explained exactly how working with DataRobot has empowered data scientists at DemystData while engaging the entire company with the data science process, regardless of their background.


As Jason says in the video:

“They [the data scientists] were the biggest proponents of DataRobot because what it allowed them to do was do their work so much more efficiently and actually spend their time on the more interesting sides of data science. They actually got to use their brain and got to think about the sort of bigger picture problems.”

DemystData has seen the positive impacts of DataRobot throughout their entire company becoming a valuable tool to support and enable their business growth from within. For more on how DemystData uses DataRobot, watch the video.