Introducing: A Cheat Sheet for R Functions in Alteryx

September 20th, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good cheat sheet? Nobody, that’s who. Cheat sheets are awesome. They are a great reference for functions you need handy, but don’t have memorized by heart (yet). They can also be a fantastic way for learning and reinforcing components of a programming language. Some people like to keep them saved as a bookmark on their web browser. Personally, I like to print them out and hang them up around my monitor, like weird cubicle wallpaper.

With all of that in mind, I present to you an Alteryx – R Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet includes some Alteryx specific functions for use in the R Tool. Functions like read.Alteryx() and write.Alteryx(), which push data in and out of the R Tool. Hopefully, this will be helpful for both R Tool pros and newbies alike.

The R Community at large (especially R Studio) has created many other cheat sheets that you might find helpful in your R Tool endeavors. Below are a few examples:

Below is the Alteryx Cheat Sheet: