Alteryx Analytics 2018.3 Alters the Way You See Analytics

October 11th, 2018

Visualytics at Every Step

We are incorporating visualizations throughout the Alteryx platform so you can see your data from the moment you input your data through sharing every insight.

Insight Tool v2.gif
Insight Tool


- The Interactive Chart Tool replaces our current Charting Tool to instantly create and customize popular chart types and output in both static and interactive formats.

- Our Insight Tool brings your insights to life through interactive dashboards you can share across your organization via the Alteryx Gallery. Stakeholders can see the whole picture of your analysis and drill down on what’s important to them.

- Visualytics extends to Promote for data scientists to instantly see the health of their models and dig deeper into every outcome in the new analytics tab to ensure the model stays healthy once in production.


Deliver Answers Faster

While visualizing along the analytics process increases data comprehension, we are also bringing you features across the platform to ensure you can work smarter, not harder, to meet those tight timelines.


caching workflow (2).PNG


- Our new caching feature in Alteryx Designer received a standing ovation Inspire because it allows for a workflow process to be stopped and then restarted from the caching point without starting over which can drastically reduce processing time.

- Alteryx Server becomes more enterprise-friendly with job prioritization and worker node assignment that enables admins and users to prioritize the most critical jobs to the top of the queue. The worker node assignment puts global IT admins in control over where jobs are executed based on geography, types of jobs & data being processed.

- Alteryx Connect gets smarter by recommending related assets to help you discover other available analytic assets to use in your analysis. You can also search and find Connect analytic assets straight from Designer’s search bar to help you get to the next question and answer faster.


Next Level Analytics

It can be difficult to move fast with the amount of data growing by the nanosecond and extra pressure on data workers to perform more advanced analyses. This release continues to bolster support for those with specialized analytic talent with code-friendly tools.


python_tool (3).png
Python Tool


- The Python Tool with Jupyter notebook integration in Alteryx Designer gives data scientists an easier way to get their code into workflows. This facilitates collaboration between the data science teams and analysts and allows important code to become a part of the overall business process - right in Designer.


- We continue to build on our big data capabilities by adding more Apache Spark Code tool support - Spark Direct for Databricks on Azure and HDInsight - which allows you to quickly leverage the power of Spark right within a workflow.


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