Extending Alteryx: The Python SDK Arrives

October 23rd, 2018

The Python SDK is now out of Beta and ready for general usage!

What Does This Mean?

Prior to this launch, Alteryx users and partners had multiple options for creating custom functionality for use within the Alteryx platform. For the application of building custom tools, there are multiple options for building the engine, or runtime, of the tool. The Python SDK is now one more of the ways, in addition to macros, C++, and .Net, for building the runtime or engine of your custom tool.

Alteryx Tool.jpg

Choosing the language for building the runtime of your tool, especially when presented with multiple options, can be difficult. Let's explore some of the reasons that you would want to leverage the Python SDK.


Why Should You Choose the Python SDK?

  1. You want to use third-party packages such as NumPySciPy, or NLTK.
  2. Python is your preferred language.




What are people doing with the Python SDK? 

  • Natural language processing
  • Complex financial calculations
  • Space optimization
  • Or as we saw at this years Inspire Keynote, a word cloud


For more information, visit: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Analytics-Blog/Extending-Alteryx-The-Python-SDK-Arrives/ba-p/185683