Bring Your Insights to Life With Alteryx Visualytics

November 13th, 2018

At Alteryx, we know you need to see into your data at every step of the way to better understand your data including the ability to effectively communicate those insights you worked so hard to develop.  With our Visualytics you can bring every insight to life so people of all levels in the organization can understand your entire analysis.  With our latest release, 2018.3, you can now try our extended Visualytics features with our Interactive Chart and Insight Tool within the Reporting Suite.  Today, we will focus on the Insight Tool but this Interactive Chart tool post will provide you with helpful hints.


What can I do with the Insight Tool?

With the new Insight tool you can build and combine multiple interactive charts so your stakeholders can investigate and focus on what is important to them.  The Insight Tool leverages our new chart capabilities, so you can easily customize your charts, adding a drill down to each so when you drill down into one chart it reflects across all other charts.  The resulting dashboard can then be output to your organization’s Alteryx Gallery to share your insights with everyone.


Create the same popular chart types that are available in the Interactive Chart Tool:

  • Area
  • Bar
  • Box & Whisker
  • Candlestick
  • Heatmap
  • Line
  • Scatter
  • Pie


How do I use the Insight Tool?

The Insight Tool is a simple to use feature that lets you build interactive dashboards by combining multiple charts and text together so anyone can understand the full picture of your analysis and drill down on what’s important to them.

Watch the video below to see it in action and take our new Visualytics Insight experience for a spin!


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