The Dawn of Postmodern Analytics

January 31st, 2019

New year, and time for the annual trends webinar. It’s the third time I have the honor to present it. As always, it takes a village to create this, and I’m thankful for all the people who chipped in. I’d like to highlight in particular Murray Grigo McMahon. His blog on data as an ecosystem, as well as great discussions, was a big source of inspiration, and will feature in the trends. This year, the title of the webinar is “The Dawn of Postmodern Analytics”.


I’ve chosen to call it that for two reasons – one, because a new platform needs to emerge that follows after the traditional analytics platform and the modern analytics platform, that can deal with the distributed and chaotic data landscape that we are in. Second, it’s a nod towards postmodernist thought. At the heart of postmodernism is distrust in monolithic systems, singular ideas, and points of view. One shouldn’t just accept singular truth, without doubt, and questions. It all depends on the context. And that’s the way we need to address the current data and analytics landscape. We need to move from a singular truth to trust. From data dictates to data democracy. We need something with broader reach to find signals in a vast sea of noise. We need tools that can make participants feel empowered in a system with multiple sources and multiple analytics.


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