Auto Documentation

February 5th, 2019

This article is by KatieH and originally appeared on the Alteryx Engine Works Blog here:


We are excited to share with you all today, project AAD (Automated Alteryx Documentor). This customer-led initiative starts here, with a beta version of this customer-created Alteryx app.

Here’s how it works

An Alteryx Analytic App has been created to let you point to the workflow you would like to document.


1. Click Run as Analytic App button.


2. Choose your workflow.

Select the YXMD file you’d like to document and click Finish (hint: you may need to change File Types to search for all files). At this point, the magic starts. The workflow uses an XML reader macro to organize and parse the workflow XML into distinct data sections for each supported tool. These data points are then fed into Alteryx Reporting tools to piece together sections of your output report. Take a sip of coffee (I bet it’ll be too fast for you to have time to get a refill) and voilà! A PDF report is generated that begins telling you the story of the workflow.


3. Guts of the XML reader.


4. Guts of the app.


5. Sample report page 1.


6. Sample report page 2.


7. Sample report page 3.


8. Sample report page 4.


9. Sample report page 5.