{Q1 Update} Alteryx Community Versions 19.1 & 19.2

March 19th, 2019

Alteryx has now announced that the Alteryx Community has now become global with their community site in; Japanese, French, and German.

New Version Notation

A new release cycle has been introduced this year (2019) with regular major releases every 6-8 weeks

How does the Alteryx product versioning system work?

Just like the current Alteryx product releases, the year will be used in the versioning system. What's different is that we release more often than once a quarter, so our major release indicator won't represent the quarter of the year, but what number release we are on for that year.

  • Major Release: YY.N – where YY is the 2-digit version of the year, and N designates the nth release of that year
  • Minor Release: YY.N.m – same as for the major release above, with a further distinction m for the patch release

For example, so far this year:

  1. Community version 19.1 was launched on January 17th
  2. Community version 19.2 was March 8th

Community version 19.2 will empower you to take control of your certification destiny (insert trumpets here) with a beautiful new automated process for taking the Alteryx Designer Core & Advanced Certification exams on-demand!

How does it work?

  • Instead of registering and receiving an email with the link to the exam, now you just log in to your Community account, go to certification.alteryx.com and click the button to take the test directly.
  • The Community will keep track of what exams you have access to, when your certifications are going to expire, as well as when you are eligible to re-certify after a year.
  • If you need to take the exam multiple times, you'll be allowed to do so after 7 days, with no limit to the number of attempts you have to pass.
  • When you pass, the Community will award you your shiny new Certification Badge instantaneously. (The email with your certification pdf will still come after a slight delay, approx. 24 hours.)
  • Visit the Certification page for more details and to get certified today!


For more information, visit: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alter-Nation-Blog/Alteryx-Community-Versions-19-1-amp-19-2-Q1-Update/ba-p/381774