Alteryx Community Version 19.3

May 9th, 2019

This article is by Alex Koszycki  and originally appeared on the Alteryx Nation Blog here:


Customer Support Improvements

We're happy to provide a few new features and enhancements to the Customer Support Case portal, including a more streamlined case submission process and a sharp new look for your open cases. Head over to the Case Portal to check out these changes.





Improvements to Native Language Communities

You can now find Blog content across all our Global Communities! Check 'em out here: French BlogGerman BlogJapanese Blog.



We're also proud to launch brand new Use Case sections in the FrenchGerman, and Japanese Communities!

use cases.gif



Use Cases

Apart from the new Use Case sections, we've also beefed up the Use Case submission process with new fields and helpful tips on the side of the page.

new use case.gif



We've added a new tab to the Use Case section with more details about how customers and partners can get involved in the Advocacy.Amplified program. Take a look to check out the cool swag you can score through that program!

advocacy amplified.gif


DataCamp Light

Did you know that our Dev Space is over 2 years old? Far out.

We're happy to add some cool new capabilities that will feel right at home with our tech-savvy users. One of these is the ability to embed a Datacamp Light widget that allows you to write code for a reader to execute!

Go ahead and click "Run" below.

It's currently only enabled for Knowledge Bases and Blogs to help out our technical content creators. Keep an eye out for more of these components in action!

Code Editor

Also for the developers - now we're able to get syntax highlighting in our code snippets, thanks to new functionality in TinyMCE and PrismJS.


Here's how it works: