Carrefour’s Recipe for Success: Embrace AI and Become Data-Driven

July 25th, 2019

This article is by Gareth Goh and originally appeared on the DataRobot AI Across Industries Blog here:


Retail is one of the many industries that is embracing AI and seeing exponential results. “...AI in retail is expected to witness a growth in spending of over 200% between 2019 and 2023. The projections reveal that it will be $12 billion in spending by 2023.” (MartechSeries) Retailers around the world are leveraging AI throughout their entire organizations to improve demand forecasting, customer experience, and targeted campaigns.

Carrefour, based in France, is one of the world’s largest hypermarket chains. The supermarket company has a lot of data and is passionate about becoming a fully AI-driven enterprise by integrating data-driven methods throughout every business process.

“By integrating aspects of machine learning across all of our daily processes, we’re changing the way tests and studies are carried out and embracing the 21st century way of analysis with new data sources, new technologies, and consequently, new ways of working.” — Julien Boulenger, Director of Data and Innovation, Carrefour

One of their main goals is to continue strengthening the customer experience. Watch the video to learn how Carrefour is leveraging machine learning to remain competitive and how building a pipeline with DataRobot has impacted their team and the business.