Customer Spotlight: Never Stand Still

August 8th, 2019

On the Qlik Blog, we have written all kinds of stories about SMBs and large enterprise customers. This…would be the latter: $40 billion+ in annual revenue, more than 50,000 employees and a worldwide brand that nearly every technology consumer has encountered at one point in their lives.

Being such a large organization with such a large and diverse customer base it behooves Lenovo to operationalize multiple departments in their organization. They need to be able to identify trends rapidly, across multiple geographies and inform thousands of employees which course to take in order to capitalize.


Sales and Operations

Let’s start with the lifeblood of any organization: Sales. The Lenovo North America Operations team supports both Global Sales and Services, so they need access to information that is both timely and actionable. Lenovo’s Director of Large Business Operations for North America, Alvin Gillis, shared how Qlik’s solutions were the right choice for Lenovo

"Two years ago we realized a need to consolidate our existing sales data and analyze it all in one place. It became more evident when we had acquired a new business that we needed to keep track of all these new accounts and maintain the existing relationships. It was time to go beyond a spreadsheet-to-spreadsheet reporting cadence and transfer that responsibility to Qlik.”


This article was written by Mark Bilotta and originally appeared here: