How Pepper Spain Optimizes Consumer Finance Through Machine Learning

November 28th, 2019

This article is by Gareth Goh and originally appeared on the DataRobot Blog here:


Pepper Spain is one of the leading providers of consumer finance services in Spain, working with point-of-sale retailers across all industries to give them the best financing options for their business needs. Part of what makes Pepper Spain so successful is knowing their customers intimately, working with them to engage in a long-term and fruitful financial partnership. To really know their customers, Pepper Spain relies on data science and predictive modeling, but without a big data science team, they turned to DataRobot’s automated machine learning solution:

 “Finding a skilled data scientist that knows the business was not so easy. Using DataRobot, you don’t have to be a data scientist. You have to know your business, and knowing your business can give you the capabilities of a data scientist.” — Alejandro Becerra, Head of Data Analytics and Credit Risk, Pepper Money

Watch the video to learn more about Pepper Spain’s journey to becoming AI-driven with DataRobot: