3 Common Use Cases Where Attunity Replicate Can Be Employed to Improve Business Operations

February 25th, 2020

This article originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here: https://blog.qlik.com/3-common-use-cases-where-attunity-replicate-can-be-employed-to-improve-business-operations


There are three common use cases where Attunity Replicate can be employed to improve business operations.

1. Data replication for operational analytics or query offloading

In this context, data replication allows data services to be continually available for operational analytics. Continuously available environments are required to support operational processes that rely on “always on” data services. Examples include fraud analytics, marketing contact management, and operational reporting. In this scenario, the operational data store (ODS) must ingest data in near real time (NRT) and then execute full or partial asynchronous replication to an analytical system which stores long-term history (such as an enterprise data warehouse [EDW] or data mart). This process guarantees a single and consistent view of data across all systems in the enterprise.


2. Line-of-business-specific workload offloading

Replication is valuable for creating highly available (HA) environments to support advanced analytics, reporting, and sandbox scenarios that depend on fast provisioning of data. In this instance, the environments are managed and maintained by line of business (LOB) administrators or business owners. As a result, simplified management and IT support are essential. Corporate governance rules typically require oversight and monitoring of the data that is downloaded and used. Replication can be used to populate the LOB environment and the workload is self-contained with the LOB environment.

3. Fast deployment of test data systems

This use case is similar to scenario 2 on page 9, but in this instance, data is moved in order to refresh test data quickly and frequently. In most cases, a filtered and obfuscated subset of source data is replicated to a similar or identical platform for the purpose of testing application enhancements.

Simply put, Attunity Replicate is high-performance data replication software that enables organizations to accelerate and reduce the costs of distributing, sharing and ensuring the availability of data for meeting business operations and business intelligence needs. If you're ready to take the next step to finding a better data replication solution, learn more about Attunity Replicate by registering for a free evaluation or product demonstration.