DataRobot Provides “Elite” Integration with Snowflake Partner Connect

June 29th, 2020

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DataRobot is excited to share its latest integration with Partner Connect, which allows us to continue to build upon our Snowflake integrations.  The DataRobot on Partner Connect announcement means that Snowflake users now have a new workflow to easily experience the power of DataRobot with the power of the leading data cloud platform. The offering makes it easier than ever to do a trial of DataRobot and to learn how enterprise AI and machine learning can help your business

The pain-free Partner Connect experience is made possible by integrating DataRobot connectors with the Snowflake user interface, thus empowering users to leverage their Snowflake data to train machine learning models — all with a few simple clicks. But don’t just take our word for it, experience the ease of connecting to DataRobot via Partner Connect for yourself.

To get started, head over to the Partner Connect area of your Snowflake Account. There you’ll find DataRobot listed as the latest addition.

Partner Connect 1
Click on the tile to launch the integration.
Partner Connect 2
Click Connect when prompted to confirm the Connection.
Partner Connect 3
You’ll be asked to Activate your DataRobot account.

DataRobot will send you an email to welcome you to the trial.

Click Start 14-day Trial to create your DataRobot Trial account.
Add your Name, Email, and Password to create your account.
Read the agreement and click Accept

Now that you have access to your new DataRobot account, take a moment to go through the welcome modal to familiarize yourself with the platform.

DataRobot 8 1
DataRobot AI Platform overview

Get started by running your first project from one of the common use cases available in your account and then move on to running a project from your own data in Snowflake.

Start your own project or run one of the common use cases available