Automation Meets Intelligence with the Alteryx Analytics Hub

July 15th, 2020

This article was written by rclerx and originally appeared on the Alteryx Analytics Blog here:


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It’s our pleasure to announce the release of Alteryx Analytics Hub. The platform streamlines the analytics process for any organization and is the culmination of a tremendous cross-functional effort, including input from you  our partners and customers. Analytics Hub will offer you and your organization the ability to accelerate and unify data-driven decision making, centering your focus on business outcomes, automating processes, and bringing people together in a quest to deliver insights that lead to action.  


Why is this important? 

As the economic landscape changes, insight-driven organizations are best prepared to handle it. By 2021, they will take $1.8 trillion from their less data-informed peers, will grow on average by 30% annually,and are 19x more likely to be profitable.Additionally, Fortune 500 companies are estimated to lose $31.5 billion each year as a result of not sharing knowledge across the organization. Even if they share their organizational data, 53% of it in an organization is stale, leading to poor decision making and less accurate answers in an instantaneous and competitive world. Put bluntly, businesses that don’t overhaul their analytics processes to bring data, people, and processes together and focus on business outcomes first are looking at stark times. 


What is Alteryx Analytics Hub? 

Driving better outcomes requires empowering teams to answer more questions together as part of their analytics collaboration. Analytics Hub provides a single platform experience to collaboratively solve problems. It allows every team to automate processes and discover and share analytic assets, reports, and insights in a central, secure, and governed analytics environment. 


Analytics Hub allows you to: 

  • Scale the power of analytics across the organization through automated analytics processes 
  • Empower everyone to discover and share insights in a central platform 
  • Securely collaborate on data-driven decisions across the organization 

 Data-centric individuals will now be empowered to not only tackle but also effectively solve the most pressing issues in the realm of data science and analytics 

 Let’s take a deeper dive into its capabilities: 


Discover & Share 

One of the key points mentioned above is the importance of not only creating but sharing analytics discoveries across the organization. Together with our UX team and your feedback, we’ve created a familiar, easy-to-use experience in Analytics Hub that truly helps accelerate the ability to discover and share analytic outcomes. Being able to easily discover and share assets allows you to avoid source-of-truth or data proliferation issues within your organization, a common problem many teams struggle with. A few quick highlights to showcase this are: 

  • Easy Navigation: Familiar, easy-to-navigate platform with both personal and team workspace folders, so you don’t need to spend hours searching for files shared among your team. 

Image 1.PNG


  • Sharing: Granular permissions to ensure the right level of access so each person sees only what they need. 


  • Global Search: Ability to easily find content across various sources, including workflows, data files, the data catalog, and 3rd party reporting dashboards across the organization all in one, centralized platform.



With Alteryx Analytics Hub, we’ve made it easy for everyone to utilize the analytic process building blocks to automate every data-driven decision with confidence. Our intuitive interface allows users to quickly automate any workflow to put those mundane tasks on autopilotwhile our new AMP engine and scaling capabilities ensure those jobs complete faster than ever. With Analytics Hub, you spend less time managing and configuring and more time discovering and applying insights. 



Securely Managed 

Now that all of your analytic assets and discoveries are under one roof, it’s vital that this information is secure and governed effectively. We know safety and security is your top priority when working with data, therefore we’ve built Analytics Hub from the ground up with security and IT administrators in mind.  


We’ve worked closely with security experts and UX professionals to ensure administration is seamless and your data is always protected. As part of our initial release, you’ll be able to safely serve all functions of your business via multi-tenant sites, a comprehensive feature designed to safeguard your content from accidental exposure. You’ll also notice an enhanced approach to data connections. Private information, such as your username and password, are stored separately from information about the data sourceand you can share them independently. 


Furthermore, deep diagnostics, security controls, and a rich set of available APIs make working with our new platform a breath of fresh air. 



As we mentioned above, tomorrow’s economies will rely on more than just data. They will rely on advanced analytics; sharing assets, data, and reports; and immediate insights — all focused on business outcomes first. The Alteryx Analytics Hub streamlines analytic process automation (APA), data-driven insights, and business-focused results in one centralized hub. Or, simply put, it’s designed to make your life easier so you can spend more time solving important questions instead of spending it searching for assets and gaining insight from them.