Qlik Sense is a Data Visualization Powerhouse

July 21st, 2020

This article is by James Fisher and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here: https://blog.qlik.com/qlik-sense-is-a-data-visualization-powerhouse


We all know visualization alone is not enough in the world of modern BI. And, when Qlik Sense was introduced, we focused on building a world-class platform, driven by our associative engine, open APIs and modern architecture. Our vision was to drive all the major analytics use cases, and support a lightning fast pace of innovation for the next decade and beyond. We then added a powerful cognitive engine, supporting augmented analytics capabilities, such as insight generation, accelerated creation and natural-language interaction. Much more than visualization. We did it right.

But, as part of this, we also invested in Picasso.js and Nebula.js as foundational components to our visualization strategy. Again, this is doing it right. The result is that we increased our ability to innovate on top of the platform, and accelerated the pace at which we could bring world-class visualization capabilities to Qlik Sense. We have added over 50 new visualization and dashboarding enhancements over the last year or so. These includes new types of charts and capabilities, but also many things that are smaller and more easily missed at first glance – we all know good design is invisible. Today, we have a broad library of best-in-class visuals – beautiful, intelligent, interactive and responsive, driven by the power of our associative engine to manage context and calculate analytics at the speed of thought.

We’ve introduced over 20 new chart types, including Sankey, Mekko, Radar, Funnel and many others. We’ve added new visualization features, such as trellising, trendlines, trend indicators and a variety of modifiers. Significant improvements have been made to the functionality, look and feel of our base set of visualizations, including bar, line and pie charts, tables and others. We’ve invested heavily in our mapping and geoanalytics capabilities, adding new functionality for interaction, geocoding, location awareness, custom floor plans and more. Oh, and did I even mention the additional 20+ features we added for advanced authoring, dashboard and application functionality, and custom themes and styling?

About that proof I promised... Check out our new Visualization Showcase app, built to highlight some of the best new visualizations and improvements we have made. Let us know your favorites.

We’re not even close to being done. We will continue to expand visualization and dashboarding features in Qlik Sense, and further combine them with our industry leading associative and cognitive engines for an interactive, augmented analytics experience. All of these new capabilities are delivered in our most recent releases (so it’s a good reason to do that upgrade) and are also immediately available in our SaaS offerings (time for a trial of Qlik Sense Business, or just request your SaaS tenant). And, when you add our ecosystem into the mix, you'll see how partners are participating in our Trusted Extension Developer program, which enables us to drive even more innovation through extensions that can run in our cloud or on premises.

So, I stand firmly behind my opening statement. It has never been easier to discover hidden insights within your data, and you have never looked so good doing it.