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August 31st, 2020

This article is by Thalita Carrico and originally appeared on the Alteryx Nation Blog here:


Alteryx are now accepting submissions for Alteryx Excellence Awards. While preparing a submission may be additional work on your plate – rest assured it's worth it. A career in analytics opens many doors, and there is plenty of opportunity out there. But how can you differentiate yourself from others?


As our ACE and Innovator, @HeatherHarris, beautifully explains in another post, there are many ways to take your Alteryx badassery to the next level and grow your career. The Alteryx Excellence Awards provide one such opportunity. This is a chance for you to showcase your story, get industry recognition and build your personal brand. Gaining recognition among your peers also strengthens your connections and expands your network. Get on the fast track to success!


Click here to participate. First, choose one of the five categories that corresponds to your type of analytical solution: Explorer, Accelerator, Groundbreaker, Globetrotter, or Performer. Then, explain in your own words what your analytical challenge was, how you solved it and what the impact of your solution was. Pro tip for writing a winning entry: Give yourself enough time to write a thoughtful story, and copy and paste it in the submission form from another source.


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Analytical Challenge

Alteryx Solution


Free Pass for Analyticon or Inspire

LinkedIn certificate

Community placement

Unique customized trophy

Feature on Alteryx Social media

Global press release


The deadline to submit for the Excellence Awards is October 30th, 2020