How To Become a Data Superhero

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Data Superheroes are expert users who go above and beyond in supporting other Snowflake Community members. They regularly educate other users by sharing knowledge, tips, and best practices both online and at live and virtual conferences. Data Superheroes have access to Snowflake product and engineering teams, can receive early invitations to Snowflake events, and are regularly asked to share their Snowflake experiences with other data experts. Get to know some of our top Snowflake Data Superheroes by watching our virtual Snowflake Community event, GROUP BY: Data Heroes, on YouTube!


If you’re a Snowflake Community member hosting user groups, giving talks, writing personal blog posts, recording demos, or answering questions on Stack Overflow, we want to recognize you for your contributions! As you engage and share your expertise, you will be awarded points based on the activity (see table below). The more you engage, the more award points you’ll earn. Once you’ve collected 12,000 points, you will officially be granted Data Superhero status. You can track your contributions and points as you establish your expertise. We hope you’ll consider sharing your experiences with the rest of the Snowflake Community!

Points Activity Description
100 points Answer on Stack Overflow Do you know the correct answer to a question in the forum? Help a peer by sharing your solution.
1500 points Publish a blog post or tutorial Share your Snowflake expertise with the world by submitting a blog post and having it approved by Snowflake.
1500 points Speak at meetups or webinars Share with peers how you use Snowflake and inspire the next generation of Data Superheroes.
2000 Share your Snowflake use case Show us (and your peers) how you use Snowflake to power your business.


Becoming a Snowflake Data Superhero is an amazing way to further establish your professional following and potentially influence the product and Community roadmap. Data Superheroes are also some of the first to receive exclusive giveaways, discounted SnowPro certification, access to expert-only chat groups, and invite-only Community events. Here is a comprehensive list of Data Superhero perks:

  • Data Superhero welcome gifts
  • Promotional gifts for meetups
  • Social media shoutouts
  • Invite-only Slack channel to connect with other Superheroes and the Snowflake team
  • Direct access to Snowflake’s Community team
  • Early invites to conferences and Snowflake events
  • Credits that can be used to take certain certification exams
  • Invitations to private Snowflake events