A New Year. New Delivery. New Innovation.

This article was written by James Fisher and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here: https://www.qlik.com/blog/a-new-year-new-delivery-new-innovation


2020 underscored the importance of real-time data and decisions to allow organizations to gain insights faster and navigate unforeseen business challenges. The events from this past year also helped accelerate the migration to the cloud for many organizations, and the need to improve data pipelines to achieve active data consumption to stay ahead. To support these trends, Qlik continues to significantly advance our technology offering and platform innovations across Data Integration and Data Analytics.

We pushed boundaries in business intelligence with our robust cloud enhancements, intelligent alerting, best-of-class visualizations, and market-leading augmented analytics. Qlik proved to be the fastest-growing Data Integration company in the space with deeper partnerships and integrations with leading technology vendors such as AWS, Microsoft, Google – among others. We also gained impressive industry recognition from Snowflake and Microsoft and continued to expand our footprint with the acquisitions of Knarr and Blendr.io. Together, Qlik can now deliver new levels of data pipeline automation and insights for businesses to achieve greater success in a data-driven world.

As part of our effort to continue the momentum and acceleration of business value in the cloud, Qlik is modifying the Product Release cycle in 2021 to align with evolving customer preferences and our product strategy. Qlik continues to prioritize SaaS in product development efforts, and as such, we are adjusting our release cycle to improve how we deliver capabilities to the cloud in a fast and agile way. This year we will move to a fully continuous release cycle to operate and deliver more capabilities to the cloud for faster time to market and value to our customers. New and exciting capabilities in Qlik Sense SaaS will be communicated right in the product and personalized to the user, to help maximize awareness and enhance the experience for our customers.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the following two new capabilities to be delivered later this first quarter, to further support our customers’ migration to the cloud.

  • SaaS Data Catalog: Qlik Sense SaaS will soon offer a set of integrated data catalog capabilities to help users easily profile, classify and find the right data; allowing users to spend less time looking for data and more time getting value out of it. These new capabilities will allow users within the Qlik Sense Hub to assign tags and alternative business names, profile the dataset to better understand its contents and view sample data. Making it easier to determine which data set is best to use within a new or existing app, which increases the time to value of our SaaS offering.
  • Consolidated SAP Connectivity: To better help customers that are modernizing their SAP environment, Qlik is continuing to expand our wide range of SAP-related solutions. We have broadened our partnerships with Microsoft, Google, and other key technology providers to offer Data Integration solutions that can automatically replicate, integrate and model live SAP data to wherever it’s needed in near real-time with automated change data capture. With support for all SAP modules, as well as HANA, plus an understanding of SAP’s complex data structures, Qlik can help customers avoid the heavy lifting of manually extracting SAP data. Our SAP end-to-end Solutions, which include pre-built accelerators for Order-to-Cash, Finance, Inventory, and Procure-to-Pay, can also help customers accelerate their data modernization and cloud initiatives as well as uncover more insights within their SAP data. The Solutions address business-critical priorities such as: improving working capital & liquidity, increasing sales order fulfillment & on-time delivery, and optimizing inventory & procurement costs. And we continue to expand our analytics connectivity with a new SAP BW connector within the Qlik Sense SaaS environment that upgrades and merges the existing SAP InfoProviders and BEx connectors.

Other changes to our release cycle include quarterly releases of our client-managed solutions, following a similar approach to previous years, but driving greater development efficiencies across our data analytics and data integration platforms. These changes will allow our cloud offerings to evolve at a faster pace, while continuing our investments and innovations in a predictable delivery cycle for client-managed solutions.

We are also pleased to announce a brand-new area of our website designed to be your one-stop place for all information related to our product innovation and direction.Be sure to visit and bookmark this page to stay informed about what’s new and what’s coming and learn more about our product vision and strategic direction.

Visit our new dynamic Product Innovation page at qlik.com/roadmap to learn more about Qlik’s 2021 product strategy and vision.