What’s new in Qlik Sense February 2021?

This article originally appeared on the Qlik page here: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/February2021/Content/Sense_Helpsites/WhatsNew/What-is-new-Feb2021.htm


Augmented analytics

Business logic

Default Analysis Periods: Enables users to specify a default period for analysis when using Insight Advisor, for natural language questions that use terms such as "Month", "Quarter" or "Year".

Applying behaviors to logical models

Defining analysis periods with calendar periods

Building logical models for Insight Advisor with Business logic

Business logic tutorial

There is a new tutorial showing how to improve search-based analysis in Insight Advisor using business logic. By customizing the logical model and adding vocabulary, you can improve the experience for search-based analysis.

Tutorial – Customizing how Insight Advisor interprets data

Normalization for K-means clustering

Enhanced functionality in the K-means clustering function that enables the normalization of data to be selected and controlled by the user.

Ranking and clustering functions

KMeans2D - chart function

Insight Advisor Chat

Users now can take advantage of the multi-lingual natural language capabilities running on Qlik Cloud Services, as a remote service.

Using natural language searches


  • Grid Chart: A new type of visualization that provides a highly effective means of visualizing measures across two dimensions.

    Grid chart

  • Hidden sheets: App creators can now show or hide sheets based on conditions, Enables enabling them to target different user groups with the same app by tailoring the experience.

    Structuring an app using sheets

  • Master measures in expressions: Allows users to reference master measures within expressions, improving productivity and governance.

    Using master measures in expressions


  • New ODBC connector for Amazon Athena.


Qlik Engine

  • Merge command in script: A new “Merge" command in Qlik script that allows changed data to be loaded into a Qlik application without having to reload the entire data model.
    • Note: This is only the engine functionality and for commercial use it will need additional functionality to allow "partial reload" to be exposed for scheduled reloads vs. via API.

Documentation improvements and additions

Improvements for data security and Section Access

Documentation for managing data security with Section Access has been revamped with a new organizational structure to highlight the levels of security through the use of data reduction. A clear explanation of Section Access concepts and more authorization script examples have been added.