What’s New In 2021.3: Strengthen Your Solving With Designer

This article was written by Suresh Vittal and originally appeared on the Alteryx Analytics Blog here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Analytics/What-s-New-In-2021-3-Strengthen-Your-Solving-With-Designer/ba-p/794008


Get ready to strengthen your solving with our latest release — 2021.3.

Our Product & Engineering teams have been working hard to deliver tools and capabilities that are going to supercharge the way you deliver breakthroughs with analytics, data science, and process automation.

Read on to learn how we’re empowering you and your teams to connect, create, and consume transformational insights through our Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform™, including adding powerful new compare workflow and recommendation tools to Designer, computer vision capabilities to Intelligence Suite, as well as new connectors to improve your analytics processes.


Know what to do next with recommended tools and compare workflows

Users across the world have been upscaling their analytics skills with Alteryx Designer. Over the past several releases, we have taken big steps to ensure this upskilling is even easier, giving users the ability to more easily use our solution and provide even better answers.

With 2021.3, we are launching a new Recommended category in the tool palette. This adds a new tool grouping that automatically gives you a focus list of suggested tools that should be used next in your workflow. As you add new tools to your workflow, it automatically updates and show you what should come next. If you’re a new user, let the Recommended category guide you on what to do next by discovering new tools and categories. If you’re an experienced user, this feature can show you new options that will give you the power to experiment, uncover new insights and solve analytic problems.


Recommended Tools will automatically suggest which tools should go next in your workflow.

Users have loved using Compare Workflows through the command line, but we have made it even easier and more accessible to visualize differences in workflows. If you are building and using multiple workflows, or have small variations between similar workflows, Compare Workflows is now accessible through the Designer UI. Once opened, this feature will let you see both workflows and will give visual cues for differences between them, saving you time and effort making tweaks to your automated processes. This can be an important part of your process as you manage your workflows from development to production.


Bring image recognition and analytics into your workflow

We’re constantly adding more features to our Alteryx Intelligence Suite (AIS) and giving analysts, citizen data scientists, and data scientists alike access to a simple but powerful interface for data science and machine learning. AIS closes the gap between the data analyst and the most seasoned data scientist by allowing users of all skills levels the ability to develop data science and machine learning models in minutes.

In our 21.2 release, we introduced our new Computer Vision toolkit to Intelligence Suite, giving you the ability to analyze data from multiple types of image and document types. Now in 2021.3, we’re adding even more tools to that toolkit.

Have images (pictures, PDFs, or receipts) that need analysis but are poor quality or too dark? With our new Image Profiling Tool, you can identify visual characteristics or features of images like height, width, background color, and the RBG spectrum. With this tool, you can create an actionable set of attributes that can be used to improve the quality of the image for further processing with the Image Processing tool.


computer vision.png

Image Profile and Image Recognition Tools are the newest additions to Computer Vision

Once your images are cleaned-up for analysis, use our new Image Recognition Tool to train an image classification model, and create an automated process to classify new images. In other words, we can take pictures, PDFs, and receipts and use them to automate anomaly detection in manufacturing to detect defects in products coming off your production line, automating AP/AR reporting tasks in your finance department, understand invoices from suppliers, or improving effectiveness of medical scan analyses, you now have the power to drive these insights right within an Alteryx Designer workflow.


Strengthen your Connections

Managing your data connections has never been easier with Alteryx. Whether it be enabling users to download data from Google Analytics, upload data into Salesforce or data tables into Microsoft Power BI, there are dozens of ways to connect your data with Alteryx.

Adding to our existing library, we are proud to announce the release of two new connectors along with 2021.3. First, the UiPath connector gives business users the ability to execute a UiPath Robotic process directly in an Alteryx Designer workflow. Strengthen your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by connecting that process with the full suite of data preparation and advanced analytics available in Alteryx Designer.


You can now access a UiPath RPA Instance directly from a Designer workflow


Concurrent with this release is also the new Box Connector. With this new connection, you can download and upload CSV, XLSX, or YXDB into and from your Box cloud. Just visit Alteryx Gallery to download and click on the Connectors tab to use.