Know Your Data: How to Spot Misinformation With the NCRI

This article was written by Kevin Hanegan and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here:


Earlier this year, we kicked off series 3 of Know Your Data by speaking to Experian about the most important data we need to understand to live healthy financial lives.

The next episode sees us joined by Joel Finkelstein, a renowned expert on misinformation. As Co-Founder and Director of the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), a not-for-profit organization aimed at tracking and exposing misinformation online, Joel explains the concept and how to avoid falling victim to it.

‘Fake news’ – essentially misinformation – is a term that has fully entered the mainstream lexicon in recent years, fueled by the rise of social media platforms.

During a time when the global population is looking to news sources for reliable insights on the Covid-19 pandemic and other major news, the consequences of misinformation can be severe.

However, the deluge of alerts and data sources being fired at us every day make us more susceptible to this misleading information, whether driven by nefarious actors or effective because individuals don’t have time to critically assess everything they read.

But how much misinformation are we really consuming? How can we better spot it when we read our favorite news sources? And what is the role of data literacy in fighting the ‘infodemic’ we find ourselves in?

Tune in now to find out.

The Know Your Data series from the Data Literacy Project aims to help you all understand the graphs, charts and data terms you are seeing across the news, online and elsewhere in your daily lives.