Introducing Collibra’s TCO & ROI Calculator!

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When you’re considering transforming your data environment with a premier data intelligence cloud, it helps to understand, and be able to quantify, exactly how your organization will benefit from the investment such a solution requires.

Introducing Collibra’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator. The TCO & ROI Calculator helps you put realistic estimates of the benefits of Collibra on your proposals and reports.  You can even download a personalized resource toolkit and develop an in-depth understanding of each solution.

Use the calculator to estimate your:

  • Total annual productivity gain
  • Total person-days saved per year
  • 3-year ROI
  • 3-year TCO

The calculator estimates these numbers based on your input and your selection of the following solutions powered by Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud:

  • Catalog and govern data assets
    Clearly defining and categorizing your data leads to simple and productive access to that valuable asset. Leverage a single platform to provide your teams with full visibility into business-critical data, including metrics, reports, APIs, models, data products and technology assets, with full business context attached.
  • Enable enterprise-scale data quality
    Collibra integrates predictive self-service data quality into your governance programs and leverages the power of machine learning to generate data quality rules that help boost productivity and compliance. Put trusted data into the hands of every business user.
  • Expedite cloud data migration
    Help your cloud migration strategy take flight with a solid data management strategy. Collibra accelerates and de-risks this move by giving you visibility and insights into your data. Only move the data that you need, then give your team the tools to consistently interpret, track and access this data. The insights power better decision making and planning.
  • Streamline trusted business reporting
    Better decision-making comes from better data. Put reliable and trustworthy data in the hands of every analyst and business user. With Collibra, you can centralize, govern and certify key business metrics and reports to get the whole truth to the people who need it.
  • Optimize data lake productivity and access
    Don’t let your data lake get bogged down with poor quality, difficult to find data. Collibra keeps your data lake pristine by simplifying onboarding and enabling teams to easily find, understand, trust and access data to accelerate decision making.
  • Streamline compliance management
    Put risk back in the box. Maintain compliance across today’s ever-evolving regulations and standards. Use Collibra to automate data privacy so you can quickly discover data, conduct assessments and understand usage risks across your organization.

Enter your information for a small number of inputs, such as the number of people you have in key data positions and the average salary you pay them.


Based on your data input, the Collibra TCO & ROI Calculator will provide realistic estimates of the financial benefits the solution will engender. As you change the value of an input, the estimates adjust and reflect the new numbers in real time.


Clicking on the Quick facts section reveals Collibra customer benchmarks for productivity for various data professionals.