Top 3 reasons to love your data

This article was written by Collibra and originally appeared on the Collibra Data Intelligence Blog here:


At Collibra we love a lot of things. We love our colleagues, our product, the snacks in the office, being our customers’ champion, driving change, and the work we do everyday (just to name a few). But what we really love is data. So in honor of Valentine’s Day we wanted to share the top three reasons why we love data.

Data is at the heart of everything we do

1. Data never lies. 

Everyone wants trust in their relationships with their friends, family, colleagues and partners. However, sometimes that trust can be broken, leading to the feeling of betrayal. Even some of the most famous rom coms like Love Actually, feature a break-up due to lies. Luckily, data never lies; it never breaks your heart and is always reliable.

Collibra Data Quality & Observability ensures your data is always truthful. It proactively surfaces quality issues in real-time and makes reliable and accurate data readily available. This helps you drive intelligent and informed decisions with the most trustworthy data.

2. Data helps us find connections. 

All the top dating apps use data to help suggest the perfect match. Users create profiles with their name, interests, photos, and preferences (this is all data). Then the algorithm learns your preferences and matches you with a similar profile. Millions of people are finding connections on these apps and we must thank data for these relationships.

At Collibra, we think of connections a little differently.  For us, finding connections is all about data lineage. Data lineage shows how data transforms and flows as it is transported from source to destination, across the entire data lifecycle. Like a dating app, data lineage connects all of your related data in order to show a complete and comprehensive view of the data.

3. Data helps us change the world. 

Data is essential to all innovation. It is a crucial component to enacting change whether in science, technology, politics, economics, or culture. With the Earth’s temperature increasing every year, we must turn to data to improve the climate crisis. Big Data can help with real-time monitoring of the environment to inform scientists, governments, and the public on temperature changes, deforestation, animal extinction, and energy use.

In addition, many large enterprises are turning to data to create a more sustainable workplace. In 2021, over 2,000 of the largest global companies set a science-based carbon target and in Europe one-third of the largest public companies have pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050. These companies are using data to make these impactful decisions.

At Collibra, we believe that we are all united by data and united in our efforts to improve the world. Good data has the power to transform the world and we want to provide the tools to help you get there.