Alteryx for Healthcare Analytics

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Let’s get one thing out of the way!

If you are worried about HIPAA Violation, we got you!

One of the biggest advantages that Alteryx can offer to companies working with PHI, is its ease of deployment both on prem or in the cloud, all while working within the organization’s security framework. Therefore, your organization’s data and your patients’ data are SAFE!!

The Healthcare system is fast changing and as healthcare organizations, we must be able to accommodate such changes without risking the quality of care provided to patients.

If we have learned anything during the COVID-19 pandemic is how impactful and insightful data is. Lack of data on symptoms, infection, and mortality rates due to its novelty hindered the whole world. Once sufficient data was gathered health experts, researcher companies, pharmaceutical companies, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, even us (the population) were able to fight the virus spread and get back to some resemblances of normalcy.

We have witnessed how providers and patients rapidly adapted to telehealth instead of office visits. Government officials have also realized the importance of Telehealth visits or remote patient monitoring capabilities options. Hospitals and healthcare facilities witnessed an utmost spike in admissions, health insurance companies had to adapt their billing process to accommodate those who were diagnosed or had a hospital admission due to COVID-19. As we are all fighting and recovering from COVID-19 impact, we must admit the importance of data insight and how fast the industry is changing.

Whether you are a part of a healthcare delivery organization or a healthcare sector, and your goal is to identify and mitigate risks, hire and retain the best talent, increase revenue, increase efficiency and cut costs, and/or improve clinical and patient outcome. Then, having a robust analytical platform serving your organization with efficient insights, automation, and breaking down the barriers between manual work and data insight is powerful. All while patients’ quality of care remains as the highest priority.


How can Alteryx help?

If there is raw data, then Alteryx comes to the Rescue!!

Alteryx Automation Platform is a user- friendly, code-free analytics platform where data can be brought from several sources at the same time and just by “dragging and dropping” tools onto the canvas, the user is able to prep and blend, and further analyze the data by creating the perfect data recipe. Finally, integrate the output for leaders and business users to make informed decisions.

Alteryx Platform can perform the simplest tasks starting with prepping and blending data, to enabling and scaling more advanced analytics, such as: spatial analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics initiatives with ML, NLP and AI.

Alteryx can do it all, by upskilling and empowering your workforce, empowering business stakeholders to make educated business decisions based on fast, reliable, and efficient data insights. We can add value to various challenges in the healthcare industry; we have proved it with several line of business/ teams under the healthcare umbrella. Please see the below list as an example:

  • Strategy and Regulatory Compliance teams
  • Human Resources teams
  • Finance and Revenue Management
  • Operations, Asset and Supply Chain Management
  • Clinical and Population Health Management


Common Data Challenges:

  • Lack of Cleansed and Standardized Data:
    •  Data Analysts & Data Scientists spend most of their time prepping and standardizing data before analyzing or creating models.
    • Eliminating the risk of pattern discrepancies or consistencies in the data will provide accurate results
      • You can automate such standardization where your analysts and data scientists are just ready to take your data to the next step
      • Empower your data engineers to spot any data patterns resulting in discrepancies before becoming impactful, by using Trifacta, one of newest acquisitions by Alteryx.
  • Data Democratization within your organization:
    • Empowering business users with user friendly platform, to self service since they have knowledge and can easily embed and implement such logic in their processes
    • Break down the barriers between your IT teams and Business teams
    • Upskill & empower your current workforce to fill the gap and tackle market challenges, when staffing the right talent with the right skillset is challenging
    • Uplift the burden of manual work processes and save thousands of dollars.
      • You can upskill your current workforce using our platform, not only by saving time, but by increasing efficiency
      • You can automate your processes to alleviate analysts’ burden
  • Data Insights and Reporting:
    • Finally, if all the above challenges were magically solved, extracting proper insight from data by asking the right questions without having to code or build traditional graphs or tables, sounds even more magical!
      • At Alteryx, we love magic, I mean artificial intelligence. Alteryx Auto Insights (formally known as HyperAnna), one of the newest acquisitions by Alteryx, will provide you with all answers and the right questions without the efforts required in coding or building


Use Cases:

As previously mentioned, Alteryx Automation Platform is currently being used by many of our healthcare clients and partners, to solve, automate, and improve data-driven decisions across the spectrum. In addition, Alteryx Platform has been improving processes and solving numerous healthcare use cases across the industry; such use cases include but are not limited to those in the chart below.

For a complete list of Alteryx use cases in Healthcare, shared by our clients and partners, here is click here.


Operations, Asset & Supply Chain Management Strategy & Regulatory Compliance HR Management Finance & Revenue Management Clinical and Population Health Management
·        Provider Operations ·        Healthcare Facilities by Location and Attributes ·        Clinical Staffing ·        Revenue Cycle Reporting and Analysis ·        Population Health Management Dashboard
·        Hospital KPI ·        Healthcare Service Line Dashboard ·        Predicting Clinical Staffing ·        Account Receivables ·        Patient Tracker Metrics
·        Operating Room Optimization ·        Healthcare Utilization Dashboard ·        Predicting Nurse Turnover ·        Physicians Financials Metrics ·        Predictive Analytics for Patient Care outcome
·        Epic Emergency Department ·        Physician Specialty and Affiliation ·        Analyze and Predict Candid Resume ·        Physician & Medical Group Metrics and KPI ·        Opioid Treatment Analytics
·        Healthcare Supply Chain Inventory & Purchasing Optimization ·        Prediction on Employee Retention ·        Predictive Analytics for Revenue Cycles Anomalies ·        Improving Efficiency and performance and Quality Care measures outcome
·        Hospital Supplies Forecasting ·         Analyze and Predict Candid Resume ·        General Ledger Reconciliation ·        Predictive Analytics on patients with higher risk of readmission