The road to analysis has many paths, but not all are created equal, nor is the view always spectacular. Many are stuck spending 80% of the day preparing data for basic analysis and reports.

Small issues hiding in the crevices of your workday are annoying time-suckers — and worse, you get so used to them you forget how painful they really are. When you mature your analytics approach, not only do you speed up your day-to-day processes, but you will discover a new passion and perspective for what really is possible with data.

Watch this three-part webinar series to begin your journey and learn how to adopt automated approaches, repeatable workflows, shareable insights, and possibilities for code-free, advanced analytics.

Session 1

Get to Know Your Data (Again) In this first part of our webinar series, we look at how to solve the most common inefficiencies and challenges working with data so that you can evolve from spreadsheet-based analysis to self-service analytics.

Session 2

Fall in Love with Your Formulas In this session we explore practical ways to move from worksheets to workflows, and use them to produce better insights that empower the rest of the organization to make more informed decisions.

Session 3

See Your Data in New Ways In the final part of our webinar series, we focus on how to enhance your problem solving process through data visualization and exploration, and more effectively share your insight so your leaders can make better decisions in less time.


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Russ Duncan Product Evangelist Alteryx


Zachary Matthews Solutions Engineer Alteryx