Uplevel your analysis with the Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Understand your semi-structured and unstructured data through optical character recognition, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling with Text Mining. Quickly build predictive models without coding or performing complex statistics with Augmented Machine Learning. A guided, step-by-step process will help you create properly trained algorithms ready to deploy. Begin your shortest path to advanced insights today.



Much of the world’s data is semi-structured and unstructured, and it lives in text formats. Text mining extracts useful information from oceans of this untapped data. It enables meaningful analysis, like identifying categories, discovering topics, and even detecting underlying sentiment.

You could be sitting on a goldmine of semi-structured and unstructured data, just waiting to have its value unlocked. Alteryx Intelligence Suite empowers you to reveals insights hiding in your text data in just a few clicks.

Image to Text

Automatically pull useful data out of scanned documents and images, ready for analysis at scale.

Topic Modeling

Use drag-and-drop natural language processing to automatically identify themes in and across many documents.

Sentiment Analysis

Harness code-free algorithms to quantify emotions and opinions, bringing reliable analysis to once-subjective information.


Machine learning creates accurate predictions to inform the best strategies for success in every team. It interprets past data to identify future risks and opportunities, like which customers will drive the most value, which transactions will deserve further investigation, and which equipment will need attention soon—to inform critical decisions across all lines of business.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite helps you quickly build machine-learning powered predictive models without having to code or perform complex statistics. It offers you a step-by-step process to create properly trained algorithms ready to deploy, so you can build your first model without a data science degree.

Guided Data Transformation

Get to know your data and ensure your model gets built on a strong foundation.

Intuitive Model Comparisons

See at a glance which model is the right one for your situation.

Decision Capture

Easily validate models before deployment, and quickly review or retrain in the future.