March - May 2022 12:00PM - 1:00PM HKT

As organisations look to enrich their approach to analytics, employees company-wide are filling the skills gap. Whether you’re making the transition from SQL or Excel or just dipping your toe into the analytic possibilities, these training series will provide you with a solid foundation to take the first plunge. These selected topics come from the Alteryx Weekly Challenges.

Register to our free online Alteryx "Solve From Home" Series to learn how the Alteryx self-service analytics platform empowers users to effectively and efficiently tap into a code-free and easy-to-use platform to optimize business outcomes. Rapidly prepare, blend, transform and analyse data from any source, including flat files, databases, APIs and more in a single application. This enables you to automate your manual data preparation work, reducing hours of work to minutes with repeatable and auditable workflows.

Join our webinar series to begin your journey.

5 May

Topic: Time Series | Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Forecast how many units of a particular product will be sold based on a historical trend.
  • You will learn the techniques for forecasting using some Time Series tools available in Alteryx
  • Alteryx Functions: Time Series Tools

Remarks: All attendees are required to bring their own laptops. Please download and install Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Predictive Tools onto your laptop prior the webinar. Data files used for the hands-on session of building your first workflow will be shared prior the webinar.

The data files and meeting link for your selected session(s) will be sent to you upon registration.

*Please note that Alteryx Designer is not supported on MacOS.

*The Alteryx Designer Trial version is only valid for one month. If you have already downloaded and used your trial, please let us know before the webinar and we'll make arrangements.

Alteryx Solve From Home Series

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