5 Pointers For Great Analytics Storytelling

This article is by Joe DosSantos and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here: https://blog.qlik.com/5-pointers-for-great-analytics-storytelling


Most of us know the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare.” It is one of Aesop’s classic fables in which a speedy, overconfident hare becomes complacent and realizes, all too late, that the tortoise, although outmatched, has managed to beat him in a race.

Understanding SAP S/4 HANA … in Simple terms

This article originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here: https://blog.qlik.com/understanding-sap-s4-hana-in-simple-terms


We all expected that “Run Simple” would be the prevailing theme at this year’s conference and we’re not disappointed – it’s now confirmed.

AMPlify your Workflows

This article was written by David Ha and originally appeared on the Alteryx Enging Works Blog here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Engine-Works/AMPlify-your-Workflows/ba-p/617590#


In 2020.2, Alteryx released the new Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing (AMP) Engine.

Sources Agree: Data Science Skills Go Beyond Data

This article is by Susan Currie Sivek and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Data-Science/Sources-Agree-Data-Science-Skills-Go-Beyond-Data/ba-p/613738


This week’s episode of the Alter Everything podcast showcases Carlene Jones, data and analytics consultant, and Nynne Haagensen, a data enthusiast who worked with Carlene.

5 Obstacles to Successful Data Governance

This article is written by Snowflake and originally appeared on the Snowflake Blog here: https://www.snowflake.com/blog/5-obstacles-to-successful-data-governance/


Organizational leaders worldwide agree that data governance is important. However, data governance programs in most companies are still being planned or in progress.

Back to the Future: ARIMA and Forecasting with Covariates

This article is by Susan Currie Sivek and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Data-Science/Back-to-the-Future-ARIMA-and-Forecasting-with-Covariates/ba-p/615858


Crafting a reliable forecast of a phenomenon feels like having a very specialized crystal ball on your desk that can answer critical questions.