Quick and easy data access with Contextual Search

The Collibra Platform includes intuitive and contextual search, which uses modern technology to search across all locations, data sources and more, so users can find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. Built into the holistic platform, the contextual search provides visibility across all of Collibra’s products and includes filters, facets, and other methods of narrowing search criteria.

Benefits of Contextual Search

As data increases in size and scope, it becomes increasingly important for users to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and cut through all the noise.

Improve productivity

Spend less time sifting through data sources and more time conducting analysis and creating value

Gain trust in your data

Access certified and compliant information from one single location and understand its context in a matter of seconds

Collaborate across teams

Make it easy for all teammates, from analysts to technical engineers, to work with the same data from one source

Capabilities of Contextual Search

Self-service analytics

Allow users to quickly and easily find the trustworthy, pre-defined and pre-approved data that they need to do their jobs, without waiting for IT

Embedded security and compliance

Search within a platform built with Privacy by Design and certified against ISO 27000 standards in order to put controls on data and safeguard the organization

Integrated lineage

Access lineage information and diagrams after searching for data, to quickly understand the history and context of search results

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Contextual Search is part of the Collibra Platform, a single cloud platform that empowers enterprises to achieve digital business transformation.

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