Find and resolve data issues fast

Core to the Collibra Platform is Data Helpdesk, which lets any user submit a help desk ticket to flag incorrect data. The system then intelligently routes issues to the correct stakeholders for resolution. Data owners and stewards can implement changes quickly and across all relevant datasets, all while complying with established controls.

Benefits of Data Helpdesk

Resolve errors and get your data ecosystem operating swiftly without hiccups.

Improve data quality

Identify and address data issues quickly and easily to improve data quality for the whole organization

Gain trust in your data

Create a culture of confidence and trust in data with an efficient and transparent ticketing system

Route issues intelligently

Direct issues and escalations to the right person right away, to get problems solved fast

Capabilities of Intuitive Workflows

Task auto-assignment

Tasks are assigned dynamically by the process based on pre-determined factors, be that a business division, individual function, product in question, or something else.

Customizable workflows

Issue management workflows can be customized to meet the unique needs of each issue type and data issue according to the needs of discrete divisions within the business.

Automated altering

Data Helpdesk can be configured to raise issues and alerts automatically based on specific rules or assessment results. For example, automatically raise data quality issues.

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Data Helpdesk is part of the Collibra Platform, a single cloud platform that empowers enterprises to achieve digital business transformation

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