Bring teammates together to collaborate and unlock the value of their data

The Collibra Platform delivers the broadest range of capabilities to manage all of your data stewardship needs. It is simple enough that every data citizen can find the data they need, evaluate its quality and use it effectively in their role. Collibra’s Data Stewardship enables your teams to join forces with subject matter experts and data owners across the organization through role-based dashboards and interactive views.

Benefits of Data Stewardship

Bring all teammates together while maintaining defined roles and responsibilities for data management.

Engage your entire team

Collaborate to define data, build context around data, raise issues, and more with clear roles and data owners

Scale with ease

Embedded governance and stewardship roles enable you to keep pace with change and scale data management

Enhance data quality

Simplify processes, align users and improve data quality to increase trust and confidence in data

Capabilities of Data Stewardship

Role management

Define, maintain and manage roles and responsibilities around data, and establish rules that match your business processes.

Process register

Define and manage organizational processes and policies from a business perspective in a centralized location.

Workflow management

Implement, automate and execute new processes and policies quickly and easily with configurable workflow development and management.

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Data Stewardship is part of the Collibra Platform, a single cloud platform that empowers enterprises to achieve digital business transformation

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