Make work easier and faster with Intuitive Workflows

Enable all Data Citizens to create and automate digital workflows. Teammates across your organization can establish integrated processes and workflows to collaborate on decisions, close knowledge gaps, and transform the business. Collibra’s Intuitive Workflows allow you to automate processes, erase confusion and boost productivity.

Benefits of Intuitive Workflows

As more data flows in and out of enterprise systems, collaboration has become even more crucial to data management and speedy decision making.

Designed for business users

IT and business users alike can collaborate to create and contribute to workflows on an integrated platform

Automate processes

Automate user-driven tasks to remove complexity and empower teammates to operate anytime, anywhere, quickly

Customize for your teams

Configure unique workflows and assignments to meet the needs of all departments and users

Capabilities of Intuitive Workflows

Workflow editor

Tailor and arrange workflows to the unique standards of each department and sub-group within your organization, and do so with an easy-to-use visual editor.

User task management

Use workflows to create and configure specific tasks, title and describe tasks, and assign them to users as appropriate. Monitor task fulfillment and progress.

Built-in automation

Automate business processes with script tasks, verification procedures, and user action documentation in order to increase business efficiency and accuracy.

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Intuitive Workflows are part of the Collibra Platform, a single cloud platform that empowers enterprises to achieve digital business transformation

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