Gain insight into your data maturity with Reporting & Dashboards

Understand your data across the enterprise with the Collibra Platform’s pre-built reporting and dashboards. Capture all your data from the platform and build reports to visualize the data all in one place.

Benefits of Reporting & Dashboards

Decrease your time spent sifting through information and make sense of your data with just a quick glance

Give context to your data

Examine trustworthy and certified data so you can unlock substantiated solutions to complex questions

Visualize data

Collibra’s Reporting & Dashboards make your data easy to digest and leverage for business transformation

Interact with your data

Use filters and sort through data to conduct deeper analyses and discover new insights

Capabilities of Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting data layer

Capture data from Collibra to build reports and visualize data

Integration with BI tools

Connect with your BI tool of choice to ensure consistency across systems

Preconfigured frameworks

Leverage out-of-the-box reporting templates so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Data maturity dashboard

Track the completeness of critical assets, based on dimensions used in the organization

Data privacy readiness

Track the development of your organization’s data and progress towards compliance with specific regulations

Regulatory reporting

Understand compliance with specific regulations such as CCPA and GDPR, through reporting aspects such as the Process Register to support Article 30

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Reporting & Dashboards are part of the Collibra Platform, a single cloud platform that empowers enterprises to achieve digital business transformation

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