Velocity Business Solutions

We help business leaders make smarter decisions with powerful data analytics tools

Velocity Business Solutions is a leading Hong Kong based data analytics services and solutions provider focused on transforming data into actionable insights. We work with top executives from leading enterprises in Asia Pacific to support digital transformation across multiple industries, including banking, insurance, retail, sourcing, transportation, logistics and property. Our key objectives are to help our clients deploy cost-effective solutions that deliver significant value and insight within a short period of time.

We have an experienced services team with vendor-certified technical consultants who have delivered over 400 data analytics projects. We enable you to prepare, blend, model and analyse your complex data and present it in a way that’s easy to understand, giving you complete visibility into your entire business operations to empower everyone to make informed decisions faster.

A team of Data Analytics specialists at your service

All of Velocity’s technical consultants are vendor-certified. Certification of consultants is ongoing and is typically updated every year to stay current with new features and functions released with new versions of our vendor's solutions.


Fast, cost-effective implementations

Velocity can quickly help you bring a business discovery solution from concept to production. Typically our solution implementations are completed within weeks. Our team has successfully implemented a range of data analytics solutions for hundreds of clients.