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Has Data, AI and Bots Brought Us Closer Than Ever To Achieving The Modern Day KITT Car?

This article is by Simon Kirby and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here:

As a kid, I loved the TV show “Knight Rider.” But, for me, the star of the show wasn’t David Hasselhoff, it was the intelligent automobile KITT. KITT – the Knight Industries Two Thousand – was smart, funny and sarcastic, which is always well received by us Brits.

5 MORE Useful Design Patterns in Alteryx You Need to Master

This article is by Joshua Burkhow and originally appeared on the Alteryx Engine Works Blog here:

Solution #6: Keeping Sort Order After a Summarize, Unique or Other Tools

Use Case:

You have data that you want to summarize or get rid of duplicates and in developing a workflow realize that the data gets automatically sorted on the output, but you would like to keep the order that the data is in or some order other than what is given, even with aggregation!

You can simply do this by adding a Record ID tool, and in the case of a Summarize tool, just use the Sort Order column as a ‘First’ or in the case of using the Unique tool just sort on that column after the Unique tool.

Augmented Intelligence – So Much More Than Search

This article is by Elif Tutuk and originally appeared on the Qlik Blog here:


The hype around AI is deafening, creating a noisy and confused environment. Organizations are looking for clarity on the role and application of AI in bringing more value to data, and for help avoiding the pitfalls that surround so many of these projects.

What’s New in Alteryx 2020.1?

2020.1 WHAT'S NEW?

Take your thrill of solving to a whole new level and make a resolution to turn more actionable insights into business outcomes with the 2020.1 Re.Solve release. Start your decade off on the right foot by experiencing new updates that will change the way you solve, interpret your data, and break down barriers within your organization.

Blending Fine Wine with Alteryx: An Optimization Tutorial

This article is by Dan Putler and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here:


The Optimization Tool has been a part of the Alteryx predictive tool suite for a few years now, but there has been a fairly limited discussion of how it works under the hood, the types of problems it can address, and the different ways the tool can be configured and used (exceptions to this are excellent articles by Philip Mannering, SydneyF, and JoeM).


There are actually numerous types of optimization methods.

SVM Hyperparameter Tuning using GridSearchCV

This article was written by Clare Liu and originally appeared on the Towards Data Science Blog here:



In my previous article, I have illustrated the concepts and mathematics behind Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm, one of the best supervised machine learning algorithms for solving classification or regression problems.