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Data Literacy: A Future of Hope

Organizations around the world are looking to capitalize on what has been shown to be an immensely valuable, and at this point, seemingly endless asset: data. Enterprises are investing in many data initiatives, sometimes at great expense. These enterprises, of course, want these data and business intelligence initiatives to succeed, and one essential element to see them succeed is data literacy.

How to Build an AI-Driven Enterprise

AI-driven enterprises are widely expected to outperform their competition going forward. As an analytics consultancy, helping our clients become AI-driven and remain competitive is one of our core values. AI-derived business value is forecasted to reach $3.9 trillion in 2020.

Historically, we visualized our clients’ initiatives to optimize their data usage as progressing linearly from data management to machine learning.

Why You Can’t Spell Alteryx Without the YX

Most of the data that’s being collected by enterprise organizations today has a location component, whether it be the customer’s address, their city, state, postal code, or even the YX (location) itself. In most cases, the database will have the description of the location but not the YX. In order to enable this data spatially, users typically go through a process called ‘Geocoding.

The importance of being #DataLiterate (in a post-GDPR world)

Data literacy is the key to unlocking opportunity in this post-GDPR world. With only a quarter (24%) of business decision-makers considering themselves to be data literate many may feel up the junction but there is hope.


Recently while listening to my Spotify Time Capsule one of my favorite songs from Squeeze popped up, it's called "Up the Junction" and it got me thinking about this new regulation around data privacy that you may have heard about, it's called General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

Now that we are firmly living in a post-GDPR world some organisations may well feel they really are up the junction when it comes to using personal data but many say that this new era of regulation heralds an opportunity, I agree, and I believe that data literacy is the key to unlocking this opportunity.

Booststrapping a Modern Data Science Education

We are entering a new age where we will need to be continuously learning. Everybody follows the journey in their own way. We have to be a good student as well as a good teacher.

Many of the world's universities such as Stanford, MIT, and Tsinghua are releasing their courses online as Massively Open Online Courses, or MOOCs for short.

Alteryx Analytics 2018.3 Alters the Way You See Analytics

The latest release of Alteryx Analytics 2018.3 is now available! We continue to see growth in the amount of data available and the need to analyze this data at faster speeds which is why we packed 2018.3 with features that enhance how everyone across the analytics spectrum can bring insights to life faster and perform more advanced analytics easier.

Direct and Indirect Persuasion

We used the data to understand persuasion, but our results revealed that many of those surveyed do not themselves use data when persuading others. Instead, they primarily apply their knowledge and experience. This proved true whether their organizational culture felt collaborative or autocratic.

AI Will Enhance Us, Not Replace Us

When I was young, way back in the 1970s, my school teacher asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up. My friends and I all wanted to have exciting jobs like being a pilot or a fireman. Then one friend spoke up and told us that computers were going to take our jobs.

Alteryx Named Best Place To Work In Orange County For Third Consecutive Year

Alteryx is bringing the thrill of solving to organizations across the globe, empowering customers, partners and associates to make an impact and tackle some of the business world’s most daunting challenges with data science and analytics. Associates are inspired to make a difference every day, whether it is helping the world’s largest brands implement the Alteryx platform to achieve heart-pounding, fist-pumping moments of insight, preparing the new workforce for the jobs of the future, or working alongside their colleagues at an Alteryx for Good event.