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Demystifying The Machine:
How Ai Will (Actually) Transform
Your Data Analytics

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Gartner defined AI as a means to apply advanced analysis (including machine learning) to INTERPRET EVENTS, SUPPORT and AUTOMATE DECISIONS and then to TAKE ACTIONS.

The real success of AI in the last decade has come about because we've built on the evolution of computing speed - algorithms and an explosion of data to train the models themselves.

Join Alteryx Product Evangelism team members Shaan Mistry and Nick Jewell in an interactive session as they break down AI and the impact it has on organisations, today.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How AI can be used in your organisation
  • Understand how emerging technologies can add value to your analytics lifecycle
  • The impact of AI, Machine Learning and Intelligent Robotics to the day to day job of an analyst



Nick Jewell

Product Director



Shaan Mistry

Product Manager - Technology Evangelism & Enablement


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