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Building powerful models quickly and easily is important, but businesses realize the greatest value when models are integrated into core processes – and this can be difficult for many organizations. DataRobot is a trusted AI partner that can empower your existing team to identify and apply data science as needed or execute portions of your AI vision on your behalf.

DataRobot personnel and resources that are available to you include:

  • Customer Facing Data Scientists (CFDS): Our unique CFDS team will work closely with you to identify opportunities, support use cases, and enable value-producing users.
  • Field Engineers: Every environment is unique, and we’ll work with your IT team to integrate DataRobot within your infrastructure and production pipelines.
  • AI Success Managers: We’ll assign an experienced AI Success Manager who will create and manage your custom-tailored Success Plan, engagement activities, and project resources, while also serving as your persona advocate within DataRobot.
  • DataRobot University (DRU): Through a practical, hands-on curriculum, we deliver education for DataRobot users, from executives to analysts to data scientists.
  • Customer Support: We have you covered with specialist knowledge and a fanatical focus on customer support.


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